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A Lame Duck President?

A lame duck president? To suggest that this is Bill Clinton's condition is to be unkind to handicapped fowl. Clinton and his colleagues seem to be on the brink of madness. The administration's domestic policy moves are haunted by the ghosts of the impeachment process, while its foreign policy team stumbles like drunkards from pillar to post—from one manufactured crisis to another.

Take the latest debacle: With a single stroke of its diplomatic pen on February 25, China blocked the continued deployment of U.N. troops in Macedonia. The 1,100-member "peacekeeping" force has been in Macedonia since June 1993. The reason for China's U.N. Security Council veto? The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, invented after the Cold War by George Soros and his globalist State Department pals over Greece's objections, recently took one billion dollars from Taiwan in return for diplomatic recognition. The Red Chinese promptly broke off diplomatic relations with Macedonia. Taiwan is worth much more to them.

And so, Washington ended up with another diplomatic egg on its face. The Chinese government effectively terminated the deployment of U.S. troops. The Clinton administration lamely declared that American troops may stay in Macedonia, but under a different flag— perhaps even the Stars and Stripes?

Michael New, the American soldier who refused to serve in Macedonia under the U.N. flag,...

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