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A Jihadist Victory

The claim propagated in the Western corporate media that the “March for Unity” in Paris on January 11 symbolized a victory of “freedom of speech” over “extremism” is wrong.  The attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, and particularly the aftermath of those attacks, were a victory for militant Islam and a fresh sign of “the West’s” near-terminal inability to defend itself.

French police and security services have demonstrated their inability to keep track of known Muslim terrorist suspects.  The Kouachi brothers had been listed as such, and they were on the U.S. and U.K. no-fly lists, but they were allowed to drop off the radar.  Perhaps the security services wanted to convert them into assets by “turning” them to do their bidding—a favored French technique for dealing with Islamic militants ever since Algeria—but even if this had been the case, the brothers should have been monitored.

It is likely the lapse happened because there are just too many young “Frenchmen” like the Kouachis.  France is home to a large new generation of native-born Muslims, children and grandchildren of North African immigrants, who hate the land of their birth and all things French with a passion.  They are offered the standard fare of multicultural tolerance in the leftist-dominated state school system, and reject...

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