A Gutless Persuasion

On Nov. 18, the Rupert Murdoch-financed New York Post ran an opinion-piece by its star columnist, Karol Markowicz, on left-wing anti-Semitism. Like the rest of the Post editorial staff, Markowicz is upset that at least part of the Jewish left has turned emphatically against the Israeli Likud government and is demanding the return of the West Bank to Palestinian control. Without getting into this complicated dispute (about whether the Jewish left is really anti-Jewish) let us turn to a statement in Markowicz’s broadside that would especially interest readers of Chronicles. This is her lavish praise of an LGBT and climate-change activist who is now suffering a “torrent of abuse” at the university where he teaches because “he is a ‘Zionist.’” This defiant fellow also apparently shares Markowicz’s concern that “campus rallies about fair wages for custodial staff turn into Israel-hate fests.”

Might we ask why Blake Flayton’s position on Middle Eastern politics should render “a self-described ‘gay-abortion advocate and environmentalist,’” a fitting object of praise in what intermittently pretends to be a conservative newspaper? I do happen to know the answer, but for those who don’t, Cornell University Press will publish my critical anthology about the conservative establishment in late spring, 2020, which may...

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