A God-Given Natural Right

“Shall Not Be Infringed”

I do not believe in unilateral disarmament: not for the nation;  not for our citizens.  Neither did the Founding Fathers.  They were students of history, especially of classical antiquity.  They knew the history of the Greek city-states and Rome as well as they knew the history of the American colonies.  This led them to conclude that an armed citizenry is essential to the preservation of freedom and democracy.  Once disarmed, populations either submit meekly to tyrants or fight in vain.  

The ancient Greeks knew this.  The Greek city-state of Laconia had a population that was five percent Spartan (the warrior aristocracy), one percent perioeci (small merchants and craftsmen), and 94 percent helots (serfs bound to the soil).  It is no mystery how five percent of the population kept 94 percent of the people enslaved.  The helots were kept disarmed and, if found in possession of a weapon, were put to death.  

Meanwhile, most of the Greek city-states were bastions of democracy because they had developed strong middle classes of armed citizens known as hoplites.  Supplying their own weapons and equipment, the hoplites went into battle not out of fear of punishment or in hopes of plunder and booty, as did subject peoples of the Oriental empires, but to defend their liberties and to protect hearth and home.  They...

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