The Hundredth Meridian

A Girl of the Gilded West

Lynette Lyon Hollow liked money.  Because she had never had any of her own before, though, having it around made her nervous, and so she spent it whenever she saw something she thought worth spending money on.  When more money kept coming in anyway than went out, she spent faster and faster on bigger and bigger ticket items to make herself feel better, until presently she was feeling very, very good.  So was Hasty, who hardly ever had to crawl out of a Johnny Walker Black bottle anymore, even to talk to his money managers.  Lynette had fired all of them.

Right after Hasty’s divorce from Happy and his immediate remarriage to Lynette in Las Vegas, the Hollows had closed up the house in Durango and flown to Jackson, Wyoming, where the new Mrs. Hollow sold the condo at Spring Creek Ranch and moved them into a much bigger home, with pasture for her champion cutting horse adjoining the property, next door to the Rockefeller compound between town and the airport.  The new house had a magnificent view of the Grand Tetons and also, on occasion, a Rockefeller, which Lynette found still more imposing, even if it was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and riding a bicycle.  (She’d stopped off at the compound once to see if she could interest anyone in Western Swing lessons, but found no takers.)  Her sister Lisette and Lisette’s husband Slim lived on a ranch outside Soda Springs, Idaho, not more...

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