The Bare Bodkin

A Few Simple Queries

If I could ask our young President a few questions, they would run something like this: “At what point would you say, ‘There.  We finally have as much government as we need.  To give it any more power would be tyrannous and would diminish our God-given rights’?  I sense that you have never asked yourself this question.  But if not, on what principle do you base your belief that government should, for instance, forbid all discrimination against transgendered Americans?  And by the way, should the government also ban discrimination against pedophiliac and necrophilic Americans?”

Of course a politician isn’t usually the best guy to go to in search of principle.  But Obama likes to pose as a politician of principle—a pol above politics—so he invites it.

I might also ask him, “Has your ideal government ever existed in the real world?  Or has any philosopher—Plato, Aristot­le, Cicero, Augustine, Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke, Marx—ever described it?  Is your ideal even possible, or is it merely a daydream?”

As our first black president, Obama has also become a hero to millions of black Americans.  Don’t they know that in order to get his party’s nomination he had to support legal abortion?

Have they reflected on this?  In the abstract, abortion is said to be a woman’s free choice.  But...

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