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A Coup Most Foul

We have seen coups of sorts in Washington before, not that anyone one calls them that.  (Remember JFK, Nixon.)  The one against Trump is of a different order of magnitude.  It had been plotted by the Deep State even before he was inaugurated.  Significant power nodes had always refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of this presidency, and they remain relentless.  Regime media ceaselessly pump out false stories designed to smear the President and his team, the leaks have turned into a deluge, the courts usurp executive powers . . .

This is without precedent here, but Deep State perpetrators did it in Ukraine and elsewhere—and pronounced it marvelous.  Why not do the same at home?  The Constitution has been a near-dead letter for decades anyway, as witnessed by the blocking of the immigration order by the Ninth Circuit.  The judges have blatantly substituted their ideological preferences for the constitutional and statutory authority of the president—the border-security equivalent of Roe and Obergefell.  The message is that even in the areas most directly under legitimate executive authority (as opposed to presidential usurpation of Congress’s war power, with which the plotters are perfectly pleased) the judiciary has now said, “We rule here, not you.”

The only way to defeat this coup is to proceed with shock and awe.  Trump...

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