Vital Signs

A “Containment Policy” for the New Cold War

Americans regularly accept expropriations—legal, moral, and economic—from the central government that would have driven our 18th- and 19th-century ancestors to arms.  The Constitution reserves to the states and local communities all powers necessary to provide legal protection for valuable ways of life.  These rights have been usurped by the central government, especially by the Supreme Court, which has—absurdly—become the most important social policymaking body in the Union.  As a result, the states are no longer genuine political societies but mere administrative units of the center.  This concentration of power has been seized by a ruling class that is deeply hostile to traditional American society.  Well into the 1960’s, it was publicly acknowledged that America was a Christian society—that Christianity is the source of its fundamental law and its dominant culture.  Religion was not expelled from the public square because states and local communities changed their constitutions and statutes to drive Christianity to the margin of society (as they had a constitutional right to do if they chose), but because the Supreme Court prohibited prayer in public schools.  The Court did not ban prayers from the Oval Office, or from Congress, or from its own chambers—only from public schools financed by local tax dollars.  The great majority of statutes declared...

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