Cultural Revolutions

A Consensus

Since September 11, our friend Scott McConnell, like most Americans,  has been confused.  Writing in his column, Ground Zero, he describes his puzzled disappointment with the talks and conversation at the recent John Randolph Club.  He came to Rockford, apparently expecting Chronicles’ editors to deliver a neatly packaged response to the U.S. government’s policy since September 11.  Although he has not said so, the response he seems to desire is unequivocal opposition to the U.S. attack on Afghanistan coupled with a denunciation of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.  Instead, he was treated to a bewildering series of learned talks on Islamic aggression, Russian strategy, the evils of business monopolies, and America’s cultural failure of nerve.

Some libertarians have privately expressed dissatisfaction with Chronicles’ failure to speak out against war and our emphasis on the evils of Islamic terrorism.  “Conservative” Republicans, on the other hand, have gleefully undertaken the task of demonizing all Muslims and have called for airstrikes against Baghdad, Damascus, and any other Arab capital that might pose a threat to Israeli expansion.  So how can the editors of Chronicles simultaneously warn against Islam while opposing the expansion of Israel, or insist upon an “isolationist” foreign...

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