Vital Signs

A Bear in Sheep's Clothing

The oft-used term "America's European allies" is one of the greatest oxymorons of our time. "America's European vassals" would be more appropriate, for American policy is virtually destroying our so-called "allies," while aiding multinational corporations.

This is not unlike the Soviet bear's treatment of its Eastern European "allies" (read: minions), only more perfidious. The American bear has stuck its six big claws into the back of Madame Europe and is dragging her into its lair, while pretending to save her. (What she is to be saved from has been a mystery ever since the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet bear.) The first claw ripping into Europe is the European Union; the second is the euro; the third is the "Y2K" (though the United States cannot claim direct credit for that); the fourth and fifth are the two "enlargements"—E.U. and NATO expansion into Eastern Europe; the sixth is immigration. All six claws will eventually sap the competitive lifeblood out of the victim if the current trends continue.

The first claw—European integration, first economic, then political—is clearly being pushed by the Wall Street and Washington New World Order (NWO) globalists for the benefit of multinational companies. Just look at the assault launched by Wall Street bankers. Since 1992, the year the same crowd forced Europe to open...

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