• Middle America's Road to Power
    December 2020

    Middle America's Road to Power

    Conventional conservatives today are like members of an oppressed proletariat defending the oligarchy and its bread and circuses. The populist right must forge a revolutionary conservative movement indigestible to the current establishment.
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  • The Church of Money-Grubbing Toil
    November 2020

    The Church of Money-Grubbing Toil

    Americans have venerated capitalism as a species of religion, in which material wealth has become God and a strong work ethic is the ritual way toward the sacred, Eugene McCarraher argues in The Enchantments of Mammon
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  • Innocence and Experience
    November 2020

    Innocence and Experience

    Are human beings essentially killer apes, or egalitarian pacifists? In Humankind, Rutger Bregman argues we are not as bad as we believe we are, and by believing we are bad, we may be making ourselves so.
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