• What the Right Needs Now
    March 2021

    What the Right Needs Now

    The left rules the West because effective opposition has collapsed, and weakened conservatives have behaved in a cowardly fashion by engaging in purges of their own ranks. Here are some suggestions for reform.
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  • Playing Games With Stocks
    March 2021

    Playing Games With Stocks

    The GameStop saga is more than just a tale of greed, mania, manipulation, or vengeance. It is a story of power dynamics and a challenge to those dynamics. When elites screw up money and banking as badly as they have, populist blowback is inevitable.
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  • The End of Truth
    February 2021

    The End of Truth

    In the West, we are busy constructing the biggest falsehoods our minds can muster in order to pacify those who feel history has wronged them. Truth ends when it can be denied in order to please political correctness.
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