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Pedro Gonzalez is the Associate Editor at Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. 

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  • The Eyes and Ears of the King
    July 21, 2021

    The Eyes and Ears of the King

    The immense nature of the domestic national security apparatus, revitalized by the pretext of the Capitol Building riot, is coming into view. But its tendrils sprawl far beyond D.C.

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  • The Meaning of Juneteenth
    July 6, 2021

    The Meaning of Juneteenth

    Replacing Independence Day, the Juneteenth holiday marks the death of the old American nation and the birth of a new one.

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  • Latino ‘Guerillas’ and the GOP
    June 16, 2021

    Latino ‘Guerillas’ and the GOP

    A strange set of circumstances, timing, and Democratic Party lunacy present Republicans with a unique opportunity to wage guerilla warfare on the incumbent regime.

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  • American Guerrilleros
    June 2021

    American Guerrilleros

    Law enforcement forces traditionally defended by the right have become the maw of the managerial state. Law-abiding Americans are now subject to both the tyranny of the mob and the tyranny of law enforcement turned primarily against its own citizens.

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  • 'American Capitalism' Is the Enemy
    February 3, 2021

    'American Capitalism' Is the Enemy

    The truth is that the political economy of the United States is no longer capitalism but managerialism, which slit capitalism’s throat sometime in the 20th century.

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