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Protestor with Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square, London [Image by: Socialist Appeal / CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons, resized]

Under the Black Flag

U.S. Dream Turned UK Nightmare

It has been said ad nauseam that when Uncle Sam sneezes, the English bulldog catches the flu. Emulating American rioting has caught on over here with a bang, pun intended. As Douglas Murray wrote in The Spectator, riots are one import “we can do without.” It wasn’t always this way. In tumultuous 1968, the U.S. rioted after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Paris was torn apart by its own riots caused by an economic crisis. But swinging London remained swinging and obsessed with a couple mop-haired, foul talking rock groups. This time it’s different.

In America, it’s rioting, looting, and burning across the land again. Corporate America, known for its grace under pressure, is acting as courageously as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. Monuments of our greatest heroes are now bowling pins to be desecrated and brought down by publicity-seeking thugs that are encouraged by the media. It’s the same thing in the UK. One pair of Muslim men interviewed while protesting the Winston Churchill statue outside Westminster were asked why they supported tearing down the statue. “To be honest, I don’t know who he is,” one replied.

Were I to judge, the best answer to woke half-wits demanding erasure of our history and our monuments would be Professor David Starkey’s. “One does not criticize an 18th-century house for not having the modern conveniences...

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