The Stork Theory

Business Insider recently reported “a mind-blowing demographic shift” that is about to occur.  Considering the globe’s whole human population, the number of adults age 65 and older will in a few years be greater than the number of children under the age of 5.  This unprecedented change should then accelerate: By 2050, old people are expected to make up 16 percent of humanity (25 percent in Europe); small children, only 7 percent and falling (with the European number approaching 4 percent).  Our “globalized” civilization can now see its resting point.  The probable human future, it appears, resembles the dystopia found in P.D. James’s prophetic novel The Children of Men: a vast geriatric ward, filled with the detritus of a material civilization, absent the voices of children, everyone waiting for the end.

How did humanity—our planet’s seemingly most successful biological species—turn on itself and create conditions pointing toward its extinction?  The answer is actually quite simple: It is the result of the Stork Theory of human reproduction found at the core of liberalism.

Now, by liberalism I do not mean the cartoon definition centered on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” still employed and denounced by most conservatives.  (Indeed, it actually appears that...

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