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Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki Theodoracopulos is a writer living in New York, London, and Gstaad.  In addition to his long-running High Life column in The Spectator, Taki writes Under the Black Flag for each number of Chronicles, and publishes Taki’s Magazine, a webzine.

  Hot Air Raids
  Outrage and Censorship
  Time for a More Militant Church
  Twitter Princess
  American Ideas, Then and Now
  Greek Honor and Squad Shame
  Wasted Youth
  Belgians and Bureaucrats
  Not ‘Woke’ and Not Sorry
  Unplug Your P.C.
  Uncle Sap Mans Up
  Gillette Meets Dick the Butcher
  Degenerate Homo
  The Boot-Licker
  Age of the F-Bomb
  More Crime, Fewer Cops
  Foregone Conclusions
  Aegean Idyll
  The Unhelpful Uncle
  Nothing to Protest
  Take Off Your Hat
  Blame Poland
  Trump’s Understatement
  Never Be Royals
  Throw in the Towel
  Harvey and Teddy
  Mad Bombers of the Amazon
  Who Went Nazi?
  Parties and Strange Bedfellows
  Liberals With Money to Burn
  Long Live the Queen!
  Smear Factor
  Big Macs, A-bombs, and Trump
  Fakebook News
  Virtue-Signalers in a Snit
  Beyond the Idiot Box
  How to Win Fame and Fortune
  Yes, You’re Next
  Loathing Beauty
  Not Nice
  Playing Games With “Islam”
  Laughing at Harry
  Regrettable Regrets
  Terrorizing the Old Bag
  How to Win at Tennis
  All Bets Are Off
  Rhodes to Hell
  Protest Too Much
  Ignoring Dr. Hank
  Our Special Middle Eastern Friend
  Browning Europe
  Alien Report
  Dying With a Kardashian
  Competitive Advantage
  Code Yellow
  Investing in the Future
  Friends With Benefits
  Responding to Obscenities
  Up From Sharpton
  Stomaching ISIS
  Arabs at the Opera
  The NFL, Clean and Low
  Our McEnroe Moment
  Achtung, Spooks!
  Football Mafia
  Imperial Solution
  Waters on the West Bank
  More Knee-Slappers
  Little Yellow Bastards
  Did You Hear the One About Syria?
  Bums and Bandits
  A Farewell to Balls
  Of Locks and la King
  Where’s Kafka When You Need Him?
  Friending Narcissus
  Halcyon Summer
  Democracy Is Overrated
  A Fine Kettle of Fish
  Boston and the Big Lie
  A Neocon Anniversary
  Bearded Hollywood
  The Last Thing on Anyone's Mind
  Movie Czar
  Cops on Camels
  Books and Lovers
  Stimulus Scam
  Likud's Long Con
  Calling a Spade a Spade
  Syria, Now and Then
  Democracy and Ferraris
  Guess Who Came to Dinner?
  French Boors and Chinese Whores
  Beating Down Greece
  Rage Against the Cowards
  Those Racist Police
  Hoover Watch
  No More Ladies and Gentlemen
  Fun With Panthers
  Goodbye, Britannia
  A Magical September
  Drunk at the Same Fountain
  Celebrating Diversity
  New York State of Mind
  The Education of W
  Our Dearest Frienemy
  An Arab Shopping Spree
  Death Benefits
  The Swiss Solution
  Common Slobbery
  Stoned in the Desert
  End the War
  Sympathy for the Devil
  Bringing Down Brussels
  Going Greek
  Animal Planet
  Jewish Antisemistism
  Tears of a Clown
  Sachs of Gold
  Coming to America
  The Limits of Compassion
  Breakfast With Bin Laden
  Oiling Up the Wheels of Justice
  Of Gentlemen Sportsmen
  Laugh Riot
  Boozing With Papa
  Up From Knavery
  Europe’s P.C. Fatwa
  Our Expensive Crock
  Burning Down Camelot
  To Spurn a Stranger Cur
  Down Goes the Mammoth
  The Monkey Chronicles
  Before the Cacophony
  Putin and the Polish Gesture
  Send in the Clowns
  No More Girls in Bikinis
  Art in the Loo
  Speaking of Gorging
  City of Light, Summer of Hate
  Dealing With the Devil
  Scuppering the Serbs
  Taking the Mickey
  Saudi Bums