William Watkins

William J. Watkins, Jr., is a research fellow at The Independent Institute.  He is the author of Judicial Monarchs: Court Power and the Case for Restoring Popular Sovereignty (McFarland & Co.) and Reclaiming the American Revolution: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and Their Legacy (Palgrave Macmillan). 

  In Georgia, a Reminder of a Halcyon West
  Freedom From Monopolies
  Twin Threats to the Land of Fire
  Splendid Dishonesty
  Antonin Scalia’s Flexible Constitution
  The Ranchers and the Mandatory Minimum
  Excluding Muslims: Facts and Fictions
  How to Keep From Getting Deported
  Power and Passports
  France Gets a Lickin’
  Dabbling in DAPA
  Justice for Tommy
  Blame Bushmaster
  Farewell, Professor
  The Machinery of Equality
  Spooking the Left’s Hobby Horse
  Recess Games
  Let Us Pray (But to Whom?)
  Picturing a Lesbian Wedding
  Restoring the Earth to the Living
  Lies, Damn Lies, and RFRA
  High on Federalism
  Planning to Fail
  A Supreme Disqualification
  Forever 1965
  Old Heresies Die Hard
  I Was a Stranger, and You Deported Me
  Making More of the House
  Sharia Rising
  Roberts Helps Congress Evade the Constitution
  Storming the Castle Doctrine
  When Judicial Supremacists Attack
  Recent and Permanent
  The Revolution That Wasn't
  DOMA's Fifth Column
  Federalizing Funerals
  Sharia Scores
  Heightened Security
  A Watershed for the Left
  Secretary Clinton's Human—Rights Scorecard
  Those Irrational Californians
  Just One More Justice . . .
  Obamianity 101
  Britain's Fiery Furnace
  Liberty's Close Call
  The Lone Ranger’s Legacy
  Raiching the Constitution Over the Coals
  Who Will Judge the Judges?
  Setting a Standard
  Once Again in the News
  The Constitution: Hate Crimes' Latest Victim
  Britain's Defense Policy
  Our Cultural Disorder
  Nolite Confidere in Principibus
  Line Item Veto Act
  Reining in the Feds
  A Man for His Time
  Look Away, Dixieland!
  Busing and Its Consequences
  Plessy v. Ferguson—One Hundred Years Later
  Doll Studies
  How Do You Spell 'Individualism'?

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