Chronicles Magazine March 2014

Upstarts Like Shakespeare

I’ve no more desire than the next Anglophile with a framed colored engraving of the queen-empress on his office wall to pull down the aristocracy; to take away their estates and paintings and seats in the Lords and ancient Rollses resting on...

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    Middle-Class Pretensions

    When I was growing up in England 50 years ago, the newspapers still periodically caused a certain amount of mirth by “outing” a national figure as not some impeccably Eton-reared patrician, as his public image seemed to imply, but a horny-handed...

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  • Correspondence

    Suicide State

    “We don’t divorce our men; we bury them,” instructs Stella Bernard, played by a loony Ruth Gordon, in Lord Love a Duck (1966). That’s certainly better social policy than America has pursued since 1970, with no-fault divorce shattering...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    Hating Your Own

    Last May, an unnamed friend of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was quoted referring to the Conservative Party’s base as “mad, swivel-eyed loons.” This extraordinary outburst illustrates the extent of the rift between Cameron and a large...

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  • Polemics & Exchanges

    Polemics on Polemics

    Grandmother always said never to discuss religion with people you don’t know. She was right about that as well as about a lot of other things. Mr. Ferrara is understandably not happy with my somewhat barbed criticism of his work.

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