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E. Christian Kopff

An associate professor at University of Colorado, Dr. E. Christian Kopff is the author of  Devil Knows Latin: Why America Needs the Classical Tradition

  Immigration and Citizenship: Ancient Lessons for the American People
  Italy’s Donald Trump
  Why Christians Need the Classical Tradition
  Last of the Romans
  Vocation and the Humane Economy
  A Guiding Presence
  Plato and the Spirit of Modernity
  Long Day’s Journey Into Ignorance
  When Immigration Becomes Migration
  Pat Buchanan, Conservative Revolutionary
  Retelling History
  The Final Solution of the Philological Problem
  Front Page News
  Confirmation and Indoctrination
  The Bankruptcy Crisis
  Scholarship and Bricolage
  Losing Their Significance
  Postmodernism, Theory, and the End of the Humanities
  Arguments Against Global Free Trade
  A Free-Minded
  The Future Belongs To Us
  Lessons From France
  Role Models and Poetry
  Our Classical Roots
  Foundation of Meaningful Existence
  Park Ranger Columbo: The Vince Foster Affair
  Real Men's Studies
  Commentary on the Gallic Culture War
  Mimesis and Perjury
  Margaret Fuller in Rome
  Ignorance and Freedom
  The American Crisis Without Alternative
  Truth in Empire
  Philosophy in an Old Key
  The Veterans of Future Wars
  Deplored in Public Print
  Ancient Texts and Modern Readers
  Good News
  The Final Solution of the Philological Problem
  Roman Reflections of America
  Dance to the Music of Time
  Passion and Pedantry
  Raising a Ruckus
  Arms and the Man: Clint Eastwood as Hero and Filmmaker
  The Ethos of Freedom
  Pax Through Strength
  A Free-For-All
  Violence and the Subversive
  Publishers and Sinners
  Tradition and Justice
  Why Italy Runs
  Molder of America
  Electric Logocentricity
  Limited By Bias
  Dreams of Education
  The Latin Invasions of English
  Misprints and Misprision
  Paying and Praying on the Old Homestead
  Dancing a Narrow (Party) Line
  Priam's Daughter
  A Saint Seduced
  Still In Saigon—In My Mind
  Dead Cows and Mangled Translations
  A Textbook Case
  Short Day's Journey Into Night
  Screen – Macho Machines and Female Role Models: The Terminator
  Ideological Time Twisting