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John Seiler, Jr.

John C. Seiler, Jr., writes from California.

  Think of the Children
  California Apocalypse Now
  Republic of War
  The Faults of Woodward and Trump
  What Really Happened
  A View From Across the Pond
  All About Trump
  Politics Is Policy
  Big Tech as Big Brother
  The Tragedy of Richard Nixon
  The Tragedy of Richard Nixon
  States’ Rights and the Left’s Agenda
  How He Did It
  Abortion Politics in the Age of Trump
  What the Hell Is Going On?
  The Cataclysm That Was Roe
  Guns, Matrimony, and Jihad in San Bernardino
  Electing Your Own Boss
  The Worst State
  Getting Out of Bed With Korea
  The Yellow Brick Road to Jobs and Stability
  Detroit: From Under the Rubble
  Parasite Control
  Fourth-Generation War Comes to Paris
  The States Fight Back
  The Revolution That Isn’t
  In Your Heart, You Know He’s Still Right
  Homeschooling: Fortifying the Family Castle
  Subgroup Strife in the Golden State
  Anniversary of Lies
  The Fruits of Fraud
  Mencken and the World Warmonger
  CPAC Moves to Rockford?
  California Surfs Toward Bankruptcy
  Bathroom Break
  Suicide State
  Joking Through the Apocalypse
  Cigarette Holders, Nicotine Gum
  The Rise and Death of the Disinformation Media
  The United States of Surveillance
  Institutionalizing Compassion
  The Folly of Propositional Democracy
  Something's Gotta Give
  See the USA in Your Chevrolet in 1964
  The Soros Left Guns for ALEC
  Newtwisting the Trayvon Martin Killing
  What Have They Wrought?
  The Unbearable Bulldozers of Walmart
  Romney: Making the World Safe for Plutocracy
  Moonbeam Returns
  Gardasil Rick
  Aborted Economy
  Ayn the Antichrist
  September 11: Ten Years After
  The Hidden Stability of Oil Prices
  Facts Are Stubborn Things
  Re-Newtering America
  Babes in Arms
  Gelded Europeans
  Rainbow Camo
  Mortgages From Hell
  California Exodus
  America's Defense Bleeds—Out
  Blago Nullification
  The Panic of 2011
  California Ecclesiazusae
  Newsweeklies In Hell
  Last Action Hero
  California Crash
  Arnold's Pyrite State
  "Gay Marriage" in California: Back in the Docket