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George McCartney

George McCartney, a professor of English at St. John's College, is film editor for Chronicles.  He is the author of Evelyn Waugh and the Modernist Tradition (Transaction).

  The Perils of Revisionism
  Racing for Dominance
  Grim Foolishness
  Mayhem and Civility
  Hiding in Delusion
  Hazardous Do-Overs
  The Naked and The Veiled
  What the Editors Are Reading
  Of Infants and Geezers
  Tethered and Beleaguered
  Monarchs and Pretenders
  Power and Betrayal
  Mortal Remains
  Mortal Coils
  The Undaunted
  Lilliputian Fantasies
  Desperate Fatties
  Racial Follies
  Bursting the Wineskin
  Lies and Consequences
  Rising to the Occasion
  Signs and Revelations
  The Weight of the Past
  Of Death and Birth
  Allegorically Yours
  The Little People
  Unflinching Women
  The World as Imagination
  Down Here Among the Lilliputians
  Racial Follies
  Good Country People
  Shall We Dance?
  Marvelous Exhibitions
  Aliens: The Good and the Bad
  A Useful Tool
  Of Wrath, Lies, and Heroes
  Clichés Revived
  Counting on Rosary Beads
  Under Circe’s Spell
  Bad Investments Pay Off
  Shine Your Ever-Loving Light on Me
  Revelation and Portent
  The Hail With It
  Paint It Black
  Not So Far Away, Not So Long Ago
  Compromised Fidelities
  A Snow Job on Rodeo Drive
  Top of the World, Ma
  The Curtain Descends; Everything Ends
  Detecting the Personal Beyond
  Can’t Get No Satisfaction
  Women on the Loose
  A Strange Romance This Was
  Trucking Upward
  Hopalong Rides the Iraqi Range
  Seized by the Moment
  Baying for Broken Glass
  Groovy Solipsism
  A Helluva Good Universe Next Door
  The Exterminator
  The Skull Beneath the Skin
  Political Science
  Between the Idea and the Reality
  Class Allegories
  Songs of Innocence and Experience
  Between Hate and Love
  It Ain’t Necessarily So
  Of Pasteboard and Pastry
  Truth on a Diet
  Pregnant With Meaning
  Flyovers and Combovers
  Reckless Regard
  Attachment and Loss
  O Captain, My Captain
  Elysian Fields Forever
  Reason’s Enemy
  Heartless Irony
  A Vast, Vulgar, Meretricious Beauty
  The Long Take
  Maya at Half-Past Midnight
  Unspoken Promises
  Mercy Is Courage
  Poisonous Intoxicants
  Lawless Enforcement
  Bats and Weasels
  Utopia Forestalled
  Things Are Looking Up
  A Capital Mars
  Howling at the Heavens
  Illusions and Disillusions
  Those Real Estate Blues
  J. Edgar Who?
  Of Candidates and Clowns
  Shane On Wheels
  Sold, Not Bought
  Carrying the Burden
  Under an Honorable Spell
  Modernists Amuck
  Shouldering On
  The First and Final Command
  Three From the Past
  It's a Bird
  The Grit and the Gritless
  Mortal Terror
  Neocon Follies
  Include Me Out
  They All Laughed
  2—D or 3—D:That Is the Question
  Advertising Himself
  The Last Gasp
  A Proto-Puritan Robin
  Winning Is Everything, Isn't It?
  Back in the Locker
  A Mortal Blivet
  A Cold and Distant Mirror
  In Flight
  Got Your Goat
  Heisenberg’s Curious Principle
  Aliens and Knaves
  Reporting and Deciding
  Watching the Money Brought to You by Nokia™
  What a Drag
  Infelix Culpa?
  The Ponderous and the Fleet
  The Naked Truth
  I Gave Them a Sword
  Wantum and Quantum
  Those Dying Generations
  A Rough Sea Petrified
  Alfred Hitchcock’s Empty Suit
  Good Night, Shyamalan
  Stop It
  The Postmodern Sneer
  Marxist Obsessions
  Who’s That Angel of Death?
  Excellent Enemies
  Slinging It
  In Contention
  In Film, the Political Is the Personal
  Henny Penny
  I Love My Mother
  Jekyll and Hyde in a Box
  The Last Adieu: A Wake for the Living
  In the Register of Ka-ching!
  The Genetics of Hate and Mercy
  The Personal Is Not the Political
  The Squirm Index
  Astray From the Fold
  Blood Offerings
  Cross-Cultural Follies
  Infernally Yours
  Of Men and Supermen
  Prohibition Addiction
  Super Savior
  Leonardo’s Little Joke
  Nobody’s Going to Help Us
  Word Power
  Crash Course
  Can’t Get No Satisfaction
  Keeping the Promise
  Out of Gas
  Whose Point of Order?
  Limping to Hell With Good Intentions
  Redemptive Weeding
  Pimp Dreams
  Preternatural Selection
  Low Blows, Dark Vengeance
  Fact and Fiction
  Empty Gestures
  Shooting One Another in the Land of the Free
  Exterminate the Brutes
  Fly Boy
  Puritan Pervert
  Saint Aborta and the Molesters
  Nostalgia’s Rearview Mirror
  Dim Young Things
  What’s the Big Idea?
  Montage Mirage
  And Agamemnon Dead
  Make Mine Revenge, Please
  Caution: Allegory Ahead
  The Crux of the Matter
  Character Is Fate
  Secret Sharers
  The Human Element
  Quaint Honor
  The Well-Holstered Gun
  They’re Back
  Waugh on Film
  God’s in His Heaven
  A Good Hitman Is Not So Hard to Find
  Justice Blinded
  Night Thoughts for the Middle-Aged
  Be Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  The Sorrows of Solipsism
  Plymouth Rocked
  Cinematic Imagination Under Siege
  Unutterable Visions, Perishable Breath
  Signs and Wonders
  Fateful Choices
  Artless Imitations
  Bitten and Smitten
  Beat the Clock
  Belief Suspended
  Love, War, and Other Misunderstandings
  Moral Impressionism
  Transcendence, Anyone?
  False Redeemers
  Something Both Brighter and Darker
  A Voice in the Darkness
  The School of Savagery
  So What's a Metaphor?
  History Lite
  Resurrecting the Third Man
  Becoming George Orwell
  Fearful Symmetry
  Dinner Is Served
  Moments, Redeeming and Otherwise
  Accidental Heroes, Ordinary Tragedies
  Details, Details
  Sentiment and Sentimentality
  Frankenstein's Children
  Making Choices, Taking Chances
  The Best Reality Money Can Buy?
  Season Your Admiration
  We, Who Are Always About to Die
  Observing American Decencies
  A Waste of Space
  Presence, Real and Ersatz
  James Bond, Luddite
  Waugh Stories
  Seeing Is Not Believing
  Of Guns and Roses
  Intimations of Mortality
  In the Toyshop of the Heart
  Oedipal Angst
  Of Apes and Yahoos
  Resurrecting The Third Man
  Reel Crimes, True Illusions
  Under, Over, and Worlds Apart
  Filling a God-size Hole
  In Our Own Image