Chronicles Magazine August 2013

  • European Diary

    Of Rats and Men

    There are people, in all likelihood a majority, who are by nature obedient. Their lot is to play Sid Sawyer to whatever Aunt Polly comes along, whether the authority in question is a democratically elected leader or an up-to-his-elbows-in-blood...

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    Finding Beauty

    In the last five years, a heightened awareness of beauty and the mystery of beauty has played with my senses more than at any other time in my life, excluding, perhaps, my childhood, when the world so often resonated with the magical and the...

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    Heartless Irony

    Some people should not have children. This is one way to read Henry James’s 1897 novel What Maisie Knew. Another way, the way James preferred, is to marvel at his exquisite rendering of a child’s untutored sensibility dimly awakening to...

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