Chronicles Magazine May 2012

Same Border, Different America

For the last several years Texas farmers and ranchers whose lands butt up against the Rio Grande have complained about cross-border raids by thugs of Mexican drug cartels. “It’s a war. Make no mistake about it,” said Texas Agriculture...

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  • Correspondence

    Get Back

    For some time now, I’ve had it in mind to write a book called Everything You Know Is Wrong. Among other areas, it would visit various modern celebrities whose fame, it could be said, is more a function of lurid self-projection, and the...

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  • Perspective

    Texas's Pound of Pluck

    Crockett Keller, the proprietor of Keller’s Riverside Store, speaks with a calm voice. He is not joking, and he is not hysterical. He is quite serious about teaching his neighbors how to defend themselves legally, and he is prudent enough not...

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  • NEWS

    Nuclear Iran

    Last year, the spread of the Stuxnet virus, a “cyber weapon,” affected the performance of centrifuges at central Iran’s Natanz uranium-enrichment facility and could be characterized as an act of sabotage.

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