Chronicles Magazine August 2012

  • European Diary

    Under Sicilian Eyes

    The last time I was in Austria was embarrassingly long ago, but I recall one characteristic moment. We were staying in a tiny hotel that occupied the second and third floors of a handsome Viennese townhouse, and once, well past midnight, we...

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    Up From Objectivism

    It was sort of like being caught in a raging stream, and swimming hard against the current, inch by inch, to reach safety. The time was many years ago, when, as a college freshman, I fell into the currents of liberalism. And they were powerful.

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    Utopia Forestalled

    Are you familiar with the Cristeros? They were Mexican Catholics who rebelled against their secularist government in 1926. I knew very little of them myself until I saw For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada.

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