Chronicles Magazine October 2011

Unreal Bodies, Unholy Blood

The vampire, possibly the most enduring mythic figure of the modern age, emerged out of the shadows of the Enlightenment. . .The emergence of the Romantic vampire cannot be adequately understood without reference to The Vampyre (1819), a novella...

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    Keeping Asheville Weird

    North Carolina’s second-largest zoo is in Asheville, where visitors from May through October walk the middle of the town, looking at Rastafarians, New Age gurus, tattooed women, people of various sexual preferences, cross-dressers, musicians and...

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  • Correspondence

    An Englishman in New York

    A 1930’s guide to New York said of Inwood, “Rivers and hills insulate a suburban community that is as separate as any in Manhattan”—a turn of phrase simultaneously redolent of security and the proximity of wilderness. Inwood is no longer insulated.

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  • Perspective

    The Hollywood Horror

    My wife does not like horror films. I used to think it was because she does not wish to be frightened, but we all, even prim Victorian ladies, enjoy a good scare from time to time, especially when we know we are safe.

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  • NEWS

    Islam and Breivik's Bombs

    The killing of 8 people by a bomb in Oslo, placed by the Norwegian berserker Anders Behring Breivik, followed by his gunning down of a further 69 on the island of Utoya, is a horrible reminder of the potential for evil inherent in human nature.

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