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John Willson

John Willson is professor emeritus of history at Hillsdale College.  His work has been published in Chronicles, Modern Age, Imprimis, and the University Bookman, and he contributed to Reflections on the French Revolution (Regnery Gateway, 1990). Dr. Willson is past president of the Philadelphia Society and gives speeches regularly to various groups.

  The Loss and Recovery of Truth
  The Chief and His Men
  His Land, His People
  The Person Is Always Becoming
  Out and About
  A Difficult Decade
  J. Evetts Haley, American Cato
  The End of a Myth
  Thornton Wilder's Depression
  Peter Stanlis, R.I.P.
  A Life Rediscovered
  Academic Sins
  Immigration: A History Lesson
  It's the Jobs
  Adams’ Federalism
  City Mouse, Country Mouse
  Frummie's Song
  The Ultimate Insider
  He Got Them First
  Who Votes Catholic?
  A National Championship for Duke
  The Gospel That Nobody Knows
  Memories of Mr. Lytle
  Our Little Brown Brothers
  There Once Was a New England
  Thirst for Empire