Roger McGrath

Corresponding editor Roger D. McGrath is the author of Gunfighters, Highwaymen, and Vigilantes.  A U.S. Marine and former history professor at UCLA, Dr. McGrath has appeared on numerous documentaries, including Big History, Cowboys & Outlaws, Jesse James: Legend, Outlaw, Terrorist, and Wild West Tech.

  Jackson and the American Indians
  Books in Brief
  George O'Brien: American Star
  The British Invasion of the Ozarks
  The Old West's Deadly Doctor
  Getting Real About Reparations
  James Howard: Two-Theater Double Ace
  William Lundigan
  Butch Cassidy, Part 2
  Butch Cassidy, Part 1
  David Crockett
  Parry O’Brien
  Hang ’Em High
  The Klondike Stampede, Part II
  The Klondike Stampede, Part I
  The Indians Who Never Were
  The Real McCoy
  White Slaves
  Kit Carson
  Butch O’Hare
  Corsair Ace Ken Walsh
  The Gunfighter: Myth or Reality?
  An Aroused Populace—With Guns
  The Okie From Oildale
  Hollywood’s Lone Ace
  Lee Marvin, Marine
  Dining With The Donald
  A Perversion of History
  Belleau Wood
  An American Sniper
  Keep the Water on Your Right
  Ernie Nevers
  Battle of the Journeymen
  The Fighting Chaplain
  Confiscating Liberty
  Chinese Exclusion
  The Long Sadness
  Operation Tidal Wave
  Bear Flag Revolt
  The Mexican War
  Japan’s Prelude to Pearl Harbor
  A Different Hollywood
  Bob Mathias
  Old Route 66
  Music That Stirs the Soul
  Tiburcio Vásquez
  The Patton You Didn’t Know
  John Wayne and World War II
  Ace of Aces: Richard Bong
  The Battle off Samar
  Stand Your Ground
  The Shot Heard Round the World
  Man of Honor
  Same Border, Different America
  The Tuskegee Airmen
  Divine Wind
  Bombing the West Coast
  The Betsy Ross of California
  James Arness
  New Tricks
  Chuck Older
  Suicide by (Legal) Immigration
  Jumpin' Jim Gavin
  The Fighting Marine: Gene Tunney
  Celebrity Politicians, Savvy Sergeants
  Dan Daly
  The Man Who Won the Revolution
  Red Cloud's War
  Arizona's Got Sand
  Double Down: Illegal Aliens and Crime
  Lucky Lindy
  The White Man's Burden
  The Great American Outlaw
  Pancho Villa
  The Flying Tigers
  The Noble Savage
  Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  You Should Have Been Here Yesteryear
  Mr. Outside: Glenn Davis
  Epic But Forgotten: Peleliu
  What Really Happened on Hotrocks
  Paradise Lost
  Fastest Jewish Gun in the West
  The Dean of Western Historians
  Lieutenant Ramsey’s War
  Federales, Gringo Style
  Payback for Pearl Harbor
  The Loss of American Identity
  Westerns: America’s Homeric Era on the Silver Screen
  The Fighting Irish
  The Skin of Their Teeth
  Submarine Ace of Aces
  White Sprinters
  Americans Don’t Die!
  Sex Slaves
  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  Clint Eastwood and Moral Equivalency
  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  “Scratch One Flattop”
  The Letter That Rocked Orange County
  Atrocities Azteca
  Guadalcanal: An Emotion, Not a Name
  The Saint of the Sourdoughs
  Black Sheep One
  Zebra Killings
  Foss's Flying Circus
  Japan’s Wars of Aggression
  Cowboy Heroes
  Firebombing the Fatherland
  The Real Fight Is Here at Home
  A Hero Among Heroes
  Celtic Thunder
  Red Over Black
  Remember the Texas Revolution
  The Star Chamber
  Boys Will Be Boys
  Whose Atrocities?
  California’s Mythologized Bandido
  Mexifornicating the Californicated
  A God-Given Natural Right
  Unit 731
  Fire-Breathing Cowards
  Republic or Empire?
  Bury the Facts at Wounded Knee
  “You Have To Commit!”
  American Icons
  The Myth of Red Brotherhood
  Fighting the Good Fight
  The Modern Myth of the Black Cowboy
  American MAGIC and Japanese-American Spies
  Tales From the Politically Correct Crypt
  Mexican in Name Only
  Not Separate and Not Equal
  In Remembrance of My Brothers
  Indian as Ecologist
  California, Here We Come
  Slavery's Inconvenient Facts
  An Aristocracy of Warriors
  Real Diversity
  The Western Way of War From Plato to NATO
  The Reconquista of California
  Death Before Dishonor
  Hollywood Does History
  Letter From Australia: America Down Under
  Treat Them to a Good Dose of Lead

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