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    The Duopolists

    The two major parties, as Judge Richard Posner writes, “exert virtually complete control over American government.” They are what economists call a duopoly. Does the duopoly do a reasonable job of presenting candidates the people want?

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    The Sibel Edmonds Story

    Sibel Edmonds is a former translator for the FBI—and she’s a tease. And I don’t just mean the seductive allure of her dark good looks. For years, she’s been hinting at the vastness of the story she’s been sitting on, letting it out in dribs and...

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    Father Abraham: Conservative?

    The bicentenary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln has seen the publication of a host of new books and magazine articles celebrating the legacy of the 16th president. Lincoln’s popularity is probably at its highest point thus far, and Honest Abe is...

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