Chronicles Magazine April 2009

  • The Rockford Files

    Meet Rod Blago

    As the former governor of Illinois crisscrossed the country on his farewell tour, I kept imagining him lying back in his seat, scalp being massaged by his personal hairstylist (it takes work to keep that Serbian gangster hairdo in pristine...

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  • European Diary

    The Ulema and I

    On the flight to Bombay—which a British single mother with an addiction to horse tranquilizers, or a benefits administrator dispensing them, would call Mumbai—I came across a Times of India news report entitled “6,000 Ulema back fatwa on Terror.”

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    Over the course of its 11 years at the helm of the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has acquired a reputation for authoritarianism. However, even its harshest critics would have doubted the evidence of their senses when awaking one morning to...

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    The Naked Truth

    In 2005, Miss Kate Winslet (Mrs. Sam Mendes) appeared on Ricky Gervais’s Extras as a comedic version of herself, sporting a 1942 nun’s habit on a film set. She was supposed to be playing a nun who had taken up the cause of saving Jews...

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