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Clyde Wilson

Clyde N. Wilson is a contributing editor to Chronicles. A retired professor of history at the University of South Carolina, he is the author of numerous books, including Carolina Cavalier: The Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew and Defending Dixie: Essays in Southern History and Culture. He is the editor of The Papers of John C. Calhoun.

  Remembering M. E. Bradford
  Bait and Switch
  In the Beginning . . .
  Sounding the Trump
  Lament for a Lost Love
  A Real Place
  Uncle Bud Helps Out Jeb Bush
  It’s the Debt, Stupid
  Band-Aids for the Corpse
  Signs and Portents
  A Tale of Two Keys
  The Patsy
  Messalina’s Revenge
  Society Precedes Government: Two Counterrevolutions
  Cultural Cleansing, Phase One
  The Missing Opposition
  The Unnatural Aristocracy
  Hush! It Is General Lee
  Decline and Fall
  Some More Memories
  Diversity Where It Counts
  True Tar-Heel Tales
  Americans and War
  True Tar-Heel Tales
  Memories: Glimpses of Notables
  True Tar-Heel Tales
  Updike's Grandfather
  Amnesty, for the Record
  Citizens, Then and Now
  Blood Will Tell
  Civil War Cinema
  America's First and Best Economist
  America the Redeemer
  Getting the Scoop
  The Reds and the Blues
  Portrait of Lincoln, With Warts
  Destroyers and Keepers
  The Imperial and Momentary We
  Nonconformist Historian
  Little Jimmy Rides Again
  The Cassandra of Caroline County
  Neither Devil nor Mystery
  Evil Lessers
  Sesquicentennial Sidelights
  Big Surprise
  Man of Letters
  A Little Rebellion
  No More Books
  Society Before Government: Calhoun's Wisdom
  The Other Side of the Union
  Goodbye to Gold and Glory
  Hanging With the Snarks: An Academic Memoir
  Regional Cinema
  Unknown Soldiers
  Real Causes
  A Limited Presidency: From Cincinnatus to Caesar
  “It Takes Brass To Get Gold”
  The Class of '59: Intimations of Mortality and Posterity
  The Treasury of Counterfeit Virtue
  Irreplaceable Men
  Think Again
  Beginning With History
  Gettysburg Agitprop
  Mark Royden Winchell, R.I.P.
  Immigrant Birthright
  America as a Proposition Nation
  The Strange Case of the Missing Constitution
  Surprise! Surprise!
  Men of Letters
  “Nothin’ Could Be Finah Than to Be in Carolina”
  Winners and Losers
  Culture War: Fighting On
  Cincinnatus, Call the Office!
  The Great Getaway
  Importing Prosperity
  Gifted Amateurs
  American Historians and Their History
  Shelby Foote, R.I.P.
  Please Tread on Me
  Citizen Faulkner
  The True Fire Within
  Defending the Real America
  The Genuine Article
  The War Lovers
  Politics Versus Culture
  The Road Not Taken
  J. Strom Thurmond, R.I.P.
  The Consent of the Governed Revisited
  Reclaiming the American Story
  The Pledge of Allegiance
  Royal Teddy
  Dixie Dystopia
  Imperial Military Expeditions
  Our Fathers’ Fields
  Confederate Rainbow
  The Truce Is Over
  New England Against America
  "All Men Are Created Equal"
  Two Between the Ribs
  The Banality of Banal
  Roll Over, James Madison
  Our Free Federal Republic
  Dixie Choppers
  Five Minutes With Governor Bush
  Making War
  The Heartland Is Real
  The State That Didn't Forget
  Right Answer, Wrong Label
  Reconsider Political Attachments
  What Makes Us Human
  The Bishop's Wife
  An Honorable Defeat
  In Control
  A Clever Diversion
  The Mythology of Mainstream Media
  Least Noticed
  The Assault on Tobacco
  A Marvelous Tragedy
  Why They Hate Jefferson
  Rose Hill College
  In the News Again
  The Need for Real Majority Rule
  Visions of Disorder
  A Continued Source of Conflict
  Black Confederates
  Beyond Trash
  Preserve What is Worthwhile
  A Populist Upsurge
  The Coming Campaign
  Real Plain Speaking
  Southern Supplements
  A Tempting Sport
  The Pit—And the Pendulum
  Moments in the Sun
  Virtually Unnoticed
  Media Hysteria
  So Late the Day
  Restoring the Republic
  Plagued by Charges
  A Forgotten Document
  Rising Costs
  The Treasury of Virtue
  A Legal Execution
  An Obscene Carnival
  Foregone Conclusion
  Conservative Movement R.I.P.?
  The Life of an 'Old Republican'
  The Future of American Nationalism
  A Tale of Two Prisoners
  Tar Heel Dead
  Little Jimmy's Last Hurrah
  The Abortion Question
  Not My Usual Convention
  Held In Contempt
  Phenomenon of Popular Movements
  A Feudal Phenomenon
  New England Against America
  Making History
  Is It Time to End Prohibition?
  Crackers & Roundheads
  Yankee Slavers
  Decency Through Strength
  Cui Bono?
  Jefferson, New and Improved
  What the Founders Didn't Count On
  AIDS and Public Morality
  Harvard Goes South
  In the Beginning
  In the Land of Cotton
  Tocqueville Redivivus
  Signs of Life
  Mentor to Chesterton
  Calhoun and Community
  As a City Upon a Hill
  Making Hay with the Southern Sun