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Christopher Sandford

Christopher Sandford is the author of numerous books, including Masters of Mystery: The Strange Friendship of Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini (St. Martin’s Press).

  Is Seattle Dying?
  Lost and Found in America
  Ask Jeeves
  American Artisan
  Khrushchev and Me
  The Cottingley Fairies, and Fatima
  Sicced on Citizens
  The Satan Club
  Sounds of the Sixties
  Our Progressive Sexual Apartheid
  Gone to Pot
  Pomp and Circumstance
  The Sentinel
  Sizing Up the Feline Uproar
  EMP (“Are You Experienced?”)
  The Future of Publishing
  Pax in Our Times
  Britain Decides
  Detroit: The Calm After the Storm
  Brian Williams’ Job
  Delivering the Goods
  It’s a Drag
  A Very American Hotel
  Middle-Class Pretensions
  That Special Relationship
  My Big Brother
  Mick Jagger at 70
  Never See His Kind Again
  High Times for Democracy
  Piltdown Man
  Julian Maclaren-Ross
  The Soldier's Soldier
  Boyhood and Single-Sex Education
  A Mayor for London
  To See and to Speak
  Get Back
  My IRS Hell
  Scott of the Antarctic
  Conan Doyle
  Ron Sims
  That Wedding
  Growing Up Too Fast
  Johnny Johnson
  That Election
  Igor Stravinsky
  Bob Dylan
  Bruce Springsteen
  Errol Flynn
  Letter From Australia: Don Bradman
  James Stewart
  Pop Culture and Politics: Passing By the Train Wreck
  True Grit
  Pop Idols
  An Enduring Feast