• The Triumph of the Atomic Bomb

    The Triumph of the Atomic Bomb

    War's only mercy is a speedy conclusion producing irrefutable victory, attainable only by using overwhelming force to exert maximum destruction upon the foe. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved countless lives by bringing an end to the war.

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  • The Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb

    The Tragedy of the Atomic Bomb

    Roosevelt’s policy of unconditional surrender reached its tragic culmination in death and destruction for Japan, and became the first step toward a new era of American foreign policy which saw the Old Republic continue its long march toward Empire.

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  • Dropping the Ball on the Bomb

    Dropping the Ball on the Bomb

    There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For many years, the issue was distorted by those more concerned with politics and ideology than with truth. An honest verdict on the atomic bomb must be mixed.

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Remembering the Right

Polemics & Exchanges

  • Polemics & Exchanges

    Polemics & Exchanges

    Paul Craig Roberts replies to Tom Pauken's comments on Buckley and Reagan from the June number. Prof. Trifkovic replies to a critique of his 'Monocultural Resilience.' And, Michael Leaser and Prof. Mark Brennan tussle over Pennsyltucky.

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