Claude Polin

Claude Polin (1937-2018) was professor emeritus of philosophy at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He was a French political, academic and essayist philosopher. Legitimist royalist, he was a specialist in totalitarianism and liberalism, of which he was also an opponent.

  Impossible Dreams: The West’s Undying Love Affair With Marx
  Love Thyself: The West’s Fatal Flaw
  The Meaning of Macron—and the “Right” in the West
  On Terrorism in the West Today
  An Essay on the State of France
  The Agony of Nations in the West
  Will the Middle Class Survive?
  1865: The True American Revolution
  Charlie Hebdo: A Christ Befitting the Modern West
  Insecure Liberalism
  Is Immigration Our Fate?
  The Quintessential Democratic Politician
  World War I and the Modern West
  Playing at God
  Suicide of the West (Revisited)
  You Shall Be as Gods
  Moderate Islam?
  Paganism, Christianity, and the Roots of the West
  The Press: Hidden Persuasion or Sign of the Times?
  Democracy: The Tower of Babel
  Classical Liberalism and Christianity
  Why Democracy Doesn't Work
  The Inner Logic of Civil Rights
  Christian Democracy? No Such Thing
  Are We Still Entitled to Some Privacy?
  The Death Wish of the West
  In Defense of Private Property
  The Necessity of Christianity
  Authentic Communities
  The Demise of Human Understanding
  The West’s Guilty Feelings
  The Enigmatic Professor Strauss, Part II
  The Enigmatic Professor Strauss, Part II
  The Idea of Socialism
  Ariadne’s Ball
  Democracy: The Enlightened Way
  A Fight for French Sovereignty
  Riots in the Suburbs
  Conservatism as Medicine
  Tocqueville’s America and America Today
  America in Europe, Europe in America
  The French Revolution in Three Acts

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