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Srdja Trifkovic

Srdja Trifkovic, foreign-affairs editor for Chronicles, is the author of several books, including The Sword of the Prophet: Islam—History, Theology, Impact on the World.

  Afghan Disinformation
  Purging the Bureaucrats
  Geostrategic Challenges in 2020
  What Remains After the Wall's Fall
  Out of Afghanistan
  Trump's China Strategy
  Trump's Last Chance
  The Price of Overstretch
  Bibi’s Reelection Nixes Peace Plan
  Christchurch: The Sharia Enabling Act
  The Wall: Moral and Good
  The Pope and the Art of Self-Deception
  Adieu to the “Adults in the Room”
  A Century of Disorder
  Brazil’s Exceptional President
  Trump’s Doctrinal Problem
  An American Non-Hero
  After Helsinki: A Coup in the Making
  Erdogan Unleashed
  Trump’s Iranian Gamble
  Syria: A Deep State Victory
  Worse Than a Neocon
  Fiddling on the Brink
  Hawks Win
  Neocon Security Strategy
  Trump’s First Year
  Whither Europe?
  The Birth of National-Globalism
  A Tale of Two Revolutions
  Rumors of War
  Travel Ban, and Beyond
  Wahhabism First
  Adieu, France
  Confronting Russophobia
  A Coup Most Foul
  Dealing With China
  Depoliticizing Intelligence
  Dismantling the Empire
  Global Challenges in 2017
  Ashton Carter’s Flawed Strategy
  The Summer of Erdogan’s Content
  Confronting Jihad
  England’s Independence Day
  Strategic Crossroads
  Trump’s Global Vision
  A Myth Demolished
  Avoiding Europe’s Mistakes
  Turkey’s Recklessness
  A Halting Dragon
  Europe Under Siege
  Erdogan’s Ambush
  Moscow Notebook
  Syria: Time for Maturity
  Europe’s Ongoing Demise
  The Iran Deal in Context
  Bumpy BRICS Road
  An Unhinged World
  The Third Muslim Invasion
  Israel’s House Divided
  A Towering Genius, Greatly Missed
  A Jihadist Victory
  Putin’s Uneasy Balancing Act
  Rudderless at the Pentagon
  Putin’s Valdai Speech
  Another Unwinnable War
  Staying Out of Another War
  Strategic Blunders
  A Joint Criminal Conspiracy
  A Big Deal
  The Folly of Overreach
  Moscow Rules
  Eastern Approaches
  In Praise of Geopolitics
  A Vanishing Nation
  Global Security Challenges in 2014
  An Uncertain Asian Pivot
  The Middle East: Steady as She Goes
  A Failure of Intelligence
  A Tale of Two Islamists
  Syria: Avoiding Another Quagmire
  A Scandalous Presidency
  Obama, Relationship Therapist
  In Praise of Nuclear Proliferation
  Second-Time Charms
  Managing the Quagmire
  One Crisis Averted
  A Giant Maligned
  Turkey's Gamble
  The Blowback
  Grand Strategy Revisited
  Worst Secretary of State in History
  The Myth of the "Arab Spring"
  NATO's Pointless Summit
  Rumors of War Receding
  The Afghan Quagmire
  An American Revolution
  Inventing the European Union
  An Unjustified War
  Avoiding the Iranian Debacle
  Scolding China
  Russian Reset in Peril
  Running On Empty
  Arabian Fall
  Time for Disengagment
  A Speech of No Consequence
  Our Interest in Turkey
  Arabian Limbo
  The Libyan War
  Road to Damascus
  Egypt's Non-Revolution
  The Eurozone: Time for a Divorce
  State of the Tepid
  The Pathology of U.S. Diplomacy
  Catching a Snake
  Another New NATO
  World of War
  Neo—Ottomans Triumphant
  Standing Straight
  The Path to Modernity
  New From Israel
  The Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan
  On the Quai at Smyrna
  Jovan Trboyevic, R.I.P.
  Swiss Minarets
  A Tale of Two Subversives
  Alex Dragnich, R.I.P.
  The North Worth Saving
  Patriarch Alesky, R.I.P
  The Clintons Are Back
  A New Grand Strategy
  Olmert's Bombshell
  Unstable Multipolarity
  Caucasian Trap
  Witness to the Truth: Through Every Human Heart
  Chronicle of an Announced Arrest
  The E.U.S.S.R. Marches On
  The Dream Ticket
  Olmert's Troubles
  It’s 2028, and All Is Well
  Smokers in the Arsenal
  Kosovo Crisis Becomes Global
  Waiting for the Big One
  Bobby Fischer, R.I.P.
  So Goes Old Europe
  The Empire: Not So Great in ’08
  A New Balance of Power
  The Death of Genocide
  Staying the Course
  A Divided Subcontinent
  The President’s Painted Corner
  Waiting for Greatness
  Conservative Russia, Imperial America
  Balkan Blowback
  Wolfowitz in Love
  “A Pure American Type of a Rather Rare Species”
  A Mainstream Conservative
  Sharia Comes to Germany
  A Tale of Two Cabals
  Kosovo Gets Interesting
  Exiting Iraq: The Least Undesirable End
  Domestic Distraction
  The Grass Is Not Greener
  The Shiite Gallows
  Iraq: The Least Bad Scenario
  Rummy Reduced
  Eurabian Nights: A Horror Travelogue
  Terror on the Underground
  To Lose a War
  Oriana Fallaci, R.I.P.
  A Turbulent Layman
  Sir Alfred Sherman, R.I.P.
  An Undesirable Independence
  The Destruction of Lebanon
  Decline Without Fall
  A Serious Third Party?
  Israeli-Arab Conflict
  One Hell for All
  Violence in Iraq
  Neglected New Martyrs
  A Balkan Tragedy
  Hell in Panonia
  Muslim Rage and American Folly
  Victim of Jiihadism
  Profiling and Spying: A Necessary Evil
  Peace in the Holy Land, Elusive as Ever
  A Confusing Message
  History Is Contemporary
  Trouble With Iran
  Sunni Arab Prisoners Freed
  Jihad's Enablers
  Afghanistan's Democratic Process
  An Unsteady Empire
  "Global Initiative"
  Intrigue in the Balkans
  European Disunion
  Getting China Straight
  Iraq: The Way Out
  Aid and Comfort to the Enemy, Part II
  The Real Issue With the Newsweek Koran Fib
  Rejecting Proposals
  Getting Europe Straight
  Aid and Comfort to the Enemy
  The Impact of Islam on the Arab-Israeli Dispute
  A Morbid Quest
  Global Anarcho-Tyranny
  Territorial Compromise
  A Glimmer of Hope in the Holy Land
  Rumsfeld Stays
  European Bushophobia
  Obstacle to Fresh Vision
  The Jihadist Fifth Column: The Cure
  After Beslan: Change Course on Russia
  Redeployment of U.S. Forces Overseas: Long Overdue, Too Slow
  Former World Chess Champion
  The Perils of “United Europe”
  Consequences of E.U. Enlargement
  "No Credible Evidence"
  CAIR and the ADL: Partnership for Hate
  Failing America
  Violence in Iraq
  The Assassination of Yassin
  Europe and America
  Elephant Amok
  The Victory of Fear in Spain
  Pakistan’s Nuclear Proliferation
  The Balkan Terror Threat
  George Soros, Postmodern Villain
  The Battle for Bush’s Ear and Soul
  Mr. Bush and Democracy in the Middle East
  Lord Ashdown’s Balkan Fiefdom
  Out of Korea
  The Iraq Quagmire
  Reforming the Military
  Out of Africa
  Exiting Iraq
  Where Are Our Principles?
  Fragile Empire
  A Surprising Unsureness of Touch
  A Road Map to Nowhere?
  Iraq's Collapse
  Turkish Delights
  Yugoslavia, R.I.P.
  Privatization in Serbia
  Same Old Song and Dance
  Europe Skeptical About NATO Enlargement
  The Justification for War
  Pakistan, Our Untrustworthy Partner
  Middle East Resources
  Another World
  Turkey Goes Islamic
  Francophile Pursuits
  The Hollow Empire
  Baghdad or Pyongyang?
  An Invalid Election
  Serbia’s Presidential Election
  Winning Another Term
  The Coming War in Iraq: Dangerous and Unnecessary
  Another Bailout
  A “Communist” Education Remembered
  Corporate America in Crisis
  Bush’s Middle East Policy: Mendacity, Folly, or Both?
  Foiling a Terrorist Plot
  Transatlantic Rifts
  In Memoriam: Gen. Alexander Lebed, 1950-2002
  Tapping into Concerns
  Milosevic on Trial
  State of the Union: An Empire, Not a Republic
  We Are the World
  Time for Arafat to Go
  Afghanistan and Oil
  Osama bin Laden: The Balkan Connection
  The Coming Ordeal
  Memorandum to President George W. Bush
  A State Visit
  NATO Expansion: Harmful and Dangerous
  National Missile Defense
  Averting War With China
  Robert Hanssen and the New Meaning of Treason
  Roman Spies and Spies in Rome
  Sharon's Victory and U.S. Policy in the Middle East
  Talks in Belgrade
  Will President Bush Resist the Global Interventionists?
  Athenian Hegemony and Its Lessons for America
  Marx, Albright, Blair & Gates
  A Balkans Policy for the New Administration
  Let the Counterrevolution Begin
  NATO, R.I.P.
  Serbia Degraded
  The Serbs and the West
  Taking to the Streets
  National Missile-Defense Deployment Postponed
  Millennial Summit
  Mexico Under New Management: Wish Them Well, and Build That Fence
  A Genuine Centrist
  The International Criminal Court: Clinton's Frankenstein's Monster
  Political Parties in Serbia
  FDR and Mussolini
  Peking, the White House, and Wall Street Versus Main Street
  A Consummate Politician
  Gore's Foreign Policy: More of the Same, Only Worse
  Zimbabwe in Turmoil
  The Taiwanese Election: Implications for U.S. Security
  Inheriting a Mess
  Post-Human America
  Looming Large
  We Are Right on Foreign Affairs Because We Are Right on Everything
  Defending the West . . . Against Itself
  Clinton's Acquittal
  Split-Run Issues
  Multiculturalism and Islam
  America's Eroding Influence in Europe
  A Latter-Day Munich
  Dayton Discord
  Well Supplied
  Albanian Separatists
  A Democratic Politician
  Christmas Visit to Bosnia
  A Traditionalists' Alliance
  Diana's Image
  The Albright-Soros Attack on the Nation-State
  Three New Members
  Slobodan Miloševic, Our S.O.B.
  Hobbesian State of Anarchy
  A Lurid Melodrama
  Why Milosevic Must Go
  The Fixer
  The Hague Tribunal: Bad Justice, Worse Politics
  A Dirty Little Secret