James O. Tate

James O. Tate has been writing for Chronicles for 30 years and counting.

  The Lady of the Camellias
  Opera Managed and Mismanaged
  Opera Near & Far
  Opera Without Meaning
  The Carnaval Prank Was On Me
  Chopin’s Life and Times
  Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music
  A Tour of Overtures
  The Legacy of Leon Redbone
  The Pavarotti Effect
  Simon Pure and Impure
  Those Oldies But Goodies
  Adolf Busch & Colleagues
  The Electric Conductor
  The Lowdown on Music Appreciation
  The Two Lhevinnes
  “The World’s Greatest Pianist”
  My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night!
  Maria Callas, Four Decades On
  The Vocal Scene
  The Romantic Revival
  Eine Kleiber Ist Genug—Nicht
  The Reminiscences of Earl Wild
  Dance With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight
  Rambling Rose
  The Bruckner Problem
  There Will Be Brahms
  Doktor Faust und Der Busoni
  From This Culture, They Say You Are Leaving
  Opera: Grand and Not So Grand
  The Twilight’s Last Gleaming
  Music Sounded Out
  All That Jazz
  Another Touch of the Bubbly
  Get in Deep
  Homeland, Homesick, Homework
  A Monumental Proposal
  Snobs and Slobs
  There’s More Where That Came From
  Music and the Tooth Dentist
  First Hearings
  Come Into the Garden, Maud
  Her Master’s Voice
  Henry Radetsky and Fritz Kreisler
  How Long Has This Been Going On?
  Doing Music Wrong
  Quiet, Please
  To Begin With
  The Great American Disintegration
  Star, Dusted
  Good Grief
  The Future of Minority Culture(s)
  A Racial Revolution
  Waitin’ for The Robert E. Lee
  Watching Is Out—So Watch Out!
  The New Political Science
  Something With Pages
  Deadly" "Kiss Me
  A President at Golf
  Targets Are Where You Find 'Em!
  I Get No Kick From Sham Pain
  Caring About the Glock
  Against His Own Nature
  We Are the Whirl
  The Other America
  The Exceeding Asp
  A Holy Craft
  A Grand Missed Steak
  The Creaturely Myth
  We Hardly Knew You
  Lost in Space
  Being and Nothingness
  The Mass Age Medium and Future Shlock: Making Sense of the 60's
  “Vampire-Loving Barmaid Hits Jackpot”
  Once More With Feeling
  Yankee, Go Home
  Blood on the Keys
  Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be
  Mann of the West
  No No Gambling
  Why Don’t You Just Shoot Me and Get It Over With?
  Marching Through Whatever
  Going for the Extra Yardage
  Founders, Keepers
  Too Much Monkey Business
  Reading Obituaries
  The Grand Manner
  Oscar Buzz
  Mind Your Language!
  I Would Prefer Not To . . .
  Roll On, Beethoven
  Moscow in Malibu
  Twentieth Century Fox
  The Lavender Baboon
  Beautiful Terror
  Susan Sontag, R.I.P.
  What’s Right With the World
  First Prize, Second Hand, Third Rate
  Jacques Derrida, R.I.P.
  The Big Bore of Arkansas
  Millions for Tribute
  The Bloody Quaker
  As Long as I’m Doing It
  Sailing to Urbino
  The Kindness of Strangers
  From Cincinnatus to Caesar
  Mildred Indemnity Always Twice Pierces the Double Postman
  Some Things You Have to Face Alone
  Nothing Is Dead
  MacArthur Park Is Melting in the Dark
  Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom
  Ashley Wilkes for Real
  The Life You Save
  Film Rose, Film Rouge, Film Noir
  Food Fight
  Wicked Ways
  A Fine Excess
  Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Fun
  Frankly, My Dear
  The Boys in the Back Room
  The Whippoorwill
  Never Mind Your Manners
  The Lion and the Fox
  Onan Agonistes
  Put a Lid on It
  I Am Not Ashamed Either
  Hogan Forever
  The Way Forward Is With a Broken Head
  Flannery Flummery
  The Central Intelligence Agency
  The Lewis Gun
  An Absurd Episode
  M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
  Hell Man
  The Confederate Pimpernel
  Unisex Multiplex
  Without Unction
  The Seven-League Crutches
  Chicken Soup Starring: The Marx Bros.
  En Garde!
  The Talk of the Town
  Shaken and Stirred
  It Takes Smarm
  Tough Tamales
  Pace, Pace Mio Dio
  Paleo Prophets
  Over My Dead Body
  Popular Front U.
  Paint It Black
  Clip Clop, Bang Bang
  The Well Wrought Life
  The Long Hello
  Andrew Lytle, R.I.P.
  Patriotic Gore
  Mirror & Labyrinth
  Babylon Revisited
  President of These Disunited States
  Stainless Steel
  Lucky Him
  What We Are
  Listen My Children
  Tally Halt!
  Theme From 'A Summer Place'
  Still Storied
  Cognitive Dissonances
  Dead White Male Beyond the Pale
  Showdown at Gettysburg
  Manifest Incompetence
  The Claims of Community
  A Well-Spent Youth
  The Shock of Recognition
  Pro Patria
  The State of the Art
  Volodya Again
  L'Etranger Chez Lui
  La Prima Donna
  Satyr and Satire
  The New Musical Order
  Lastest With the Leastest
  Passionate and Incorruptible
  Wyndham Lewis and the Moronic Inferno
  Onan Agonistes
  Hobson's Choices
  Something Amis
  The Singer and the Song
  Feminist Fatale
  The Good Soldier
  You Never Know What the Day Will Bring
  The Art of Ignaz Friedman
  Fiddling Around
  De Gustibus Semper Disputandum Est
  Love's Old Sweet Song
  A Province of the Republic
  The Old Reliable
  The Unmelancholy Dane and the Exemplary American
  A Musical Colossus
  La Trahison des Clercs
  Gradus Ad Parnassum
  Back to the Future
  The World Is Plenty
  Tugging the Leash
  A Local Globalist
  Falling Off the Turnip Truck

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