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William Quirk

Professor William J. Quirk is a professor of law at the University of South Carolina.  He has published three books: Abandoned (1989), Judicial Dictatorship (1995), and Courts & Congress: America's Unwritten Constitution (2008). He wrote an Introduction to the 2002 reprinting of Clinton Rossiter's Constitutional Dictatorship Princeton University Press (1948), the reprinting of Malcolm Jewell's Politics of Reapportionment Transaction Publishers (2010), and William J. Watkins' Divinely Anointed Judges: Restoring Popular Sovereignty (2011).

  Impractical Solutions
  Goldman Sachs and the Price of Beer
  Too Big to Jail
  Gay Marriage: The Last Chance
  How Goldman Sachs Is Swindling America's Cities
  Gay Marriage, Before the Ruling
  The Baby Boomer' Last Act
  Fiscal Miffed
  A Debt-Free Country?
  How Conservatives Could Win
  The 400 Club
  The Last Word
  Crisis and Denial
  Birthright Citizenship
  Why Is the Supreme Court So Slow?
  Back to Hamilton
  You Call This a Financial Reform Law?
  How To Succeed in Banking Without Really Trying
  Failure on Many Levels
  How Do You Make $100 Million Per Day?
  Too Big to Fail: The Underlying Cause
  The Duopolists
  What Now?
  Back From the Brink
  The Gamblers’ Club
  The $15 Trillion End Run An “Oligarchy of Interests”
  Bailing Out the Bucket Shops
  Just One More Thing
  Pick Yourself Up
  The Financial Crisis: How It Happened, and Why It Is Still Happening
  Federal Police Again
  Do We Want a Federal Police Force?
  Forgotten Strippers
  Republicans and DoMA
  President Bush Can End “Gay Marriage” If He Wants To
  What’s Next for the Imperial Judiciary?
  Who Will Judge the Judges?
  H.R. 3313 and the Imperial Judiciary
  Getting Off the Docket
  The Fourth Choice
  Judicial Tyranny and Constitutional Change
  The Earth Belongs to the Living
  A 28th Amendment
  Legal Insanity
  Angels to Govern Us
  The Homeless Majority