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H.A. Scott Trask

H.A. Scott Trask is an independent historian from eastern Missouri.

  The Great Debate: Lincoln's Legacy
  The War of Nihilisms
  The Fatherland and the Nation
  Muslim Migrants and the Religious Left
  Choose Your Side
  The Idolatrous Empire
  Mr. Trump and His Gorilla
  The Mexicanization of North America
  American Samizdat
  Empire of Nihilism
  Getting Nixon Right
  How Not to Succeed in Washington
  A Corrupt Bargain
  End Game
  The End of the Trail
  In God We Fail
  A People's Worst Enemy
  Immigration Arch
  Beware of Mexicans Bearing Drugs
  Immoral Triumphs
  A Sentimental Education
  The Whale in Times Square
  The Elusive Conflict
  The Coming North American Order
  Pay No Attention
  Falling Apart
  The Logic of the Map
  Populist Reveries
  The Way of the World
  Cosmopolitan Nation
  A Republic of Speculators
  The Best Government Money Can Buy
  Horsemen, Draw Nigh!
  The Better Way
  The West on the Brink
  The Point Left Unprotected
  A Government We Deserve
  The Virginian
  The Path Not Taken
  Antiwar Federalists
  Surfing the Void
  Political Romanticism, Utopian Violence
  Americans Before the Fall
  Deep as Dante
  Shine, Republic
  . . . plus c’est la même chose
  Pax Americana
  Who’s the Ugliest of Them All?
  The Point of War
  Therapeutic Totalitarianism
  Our Country, ’Tis of We . . .
  Sic Semper Tyrannis
  America’s Second-Worst Dynasty
  Why the West Has Won
  The Time of Our People
  As We Go Marching
  A Southern Braveheart
  Christianity and Slavery in the Old South
  A Small Margin
  Franklin Pierce and the Fight for the Old Union