Chronicles Magazine February 2004


    Night Moves

    If the recent passage of the $395-billion Medicare prescription-drug bill teaches us anything, it is that just electing more Republicans to the House and Senate accomplishes very little.

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    Secret Sharers

    Magisterial sea yarner Patrick O’Brian comes to the screen in Peter Weir’s new film, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. This is the tale of an early-19-century English frigate’s mad chase after an enemy ship sailing from...

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  • Dictations

    Sounding Brass

    “Charity begins at home” was one of the most telling proverbs in the English language. I say “was” because the English language is deader than Latin, and its post-English/post-American replacement, while it contains sound sequences remarkably...

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  • American Proscenium

    The Dean Delusion

    What is wrong with Howard Dean? Not much, if you listen to many Republicans and some conservatives. Republicans are salivating over the prospect of a Dean nomination because it seems to be the best way to ensure that President Bush stays where...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    Managed Democracy

    Russia's parliamentary elections, held December 7, produced a wave of alarmed reactions in the Western press that betray the ignorance and hypocrisy of Western elite thinking regarding Russia and the West’s—particularly Washington’s—relations...

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