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David Kopel

David B. Kopel is author of The Samurai, the Mountie, and the Cowboy: Should America Adopt the Gun Controls of Other Democracies? which was named Book of the Year by the American Society of Criminology, Division of International Criminology.

  Who Needs Guns?
  Targeting Liberties
  Speak No Evil
  Gianni, Get Your Gun
  Our Presidents in Song
  Gore's Double Standard on Firearms
  Refusing to Do Something New
  A Collaborative Effort
  Terms of Revilement
  The Founders' Reading of Ancient History
  Damn Lies—or Statistics
  Arms and Thomas Jefferson
  Welcome to Dodge City
  Disarming the Victims
  Remember Pearl Harbor
  Gun Sense and Sensibility
  Burglary and the Armed Homestead
  Does God Believe in Gun Control?
  Child Abuse at Waco