Chronicles Magazine November 2003


    Divided Loyalties, Misplaced Hopes

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them,” our Lord once warned. Too often, however, when it comes to the promise of power or the allure of success, Christians are easily swayed to align themselves with those who cry, “Lord, Lord,” yet are, in...

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  • Correspondence

    Tangerine Dreams

    Behind the recent headlines here in Mexico of massive peasant protests, blocked highways and international crossings, and demands for NAFTA treaty renegotiation lay a few facts about incompetence, corruption, and inefficiency.

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  • Perspective

    Moon-Man Religion

    American Christians love to deceive themselves. They close their eyes and pretend that the government’s war against their religion is a temporary aberration; they insist—against all the evidence—that Abraham Lincoln was a Christian.

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