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Nobody but the People

In the "Prologue" to his massive biography of Sen. Joe McCarthy, historian Thomas Reeves describes a scene that took place in Milwaukee, in the senator's home state, in November, 1954, only a month before his colleagues voted to condemn him and...

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    No More Nonsense About Elites

    A fish starts rotting from the head, it is said. That a society starts rotting from its head needs to be much better understood. Blaming the decline of Western society on a "revolt of the masses" absolves elites, who must bear the brunt of the...

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  • Correspondence

    Ethnicity as a Way of Life

    Years ago, an Hungarian friend of mine, eager to finish a novel, decided to go to Corsica to find the peace and quiet he craved. Some six months later, after he returned to Paris, I asked him if, during his stay, he had picked up any Corsican.

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