Cultural Revolutions

Unconditional Surrender?

Amnesty for undocumented (as we nowadays politely say) workers from Mexico? It's just another trial balloon, and the nice thing about trial balloons is that you can shoot them down. Ready, aim, fire.

I do think this one, suitably ventilated, will flutter down to earth. I fancy the Bush administration, however kindly disposed toward Vicente Fox and the PAN, isn't ready for another blind leap on immigration. The administration is indeed exploring the matter, at Fox's request. I have the sense that this is just what you do for a friend like Fox: You listen attentively to his ideas without committing yourself to notions that simply aren't workable. This one falls into that category. Likewise, George W. Bush is being advised (by such as the Wall Street Journal's Paul Gigot) that, if Republicans consider the growing Hispanic vote important, some massaging of Hispanic sensibilities makes sense.

Mexico—blessed, in Fox, with a decent leader, after years of corruption and political empire-building —needs our help and encouragement. But in offering that help, we need not leap into stygian darkness. We can do this thing in the dazzling light of day, as my senior U.S. senator, Phil Gramm (R-Texas), has proposed.

During Phil Gramm's long political career, no one has ever called him a wimp on free enterprise. He loves the marketplace and its workings. To love the marketplace is to...

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