American Handgunners Seek Vatican Recognition

From time to time, the Catholic Church has to address the thorny problems caused by those liberal faithful who challenge her principles and tenets. Much more rarely do we hear about initiatives coming from the other side of the spectrum, since these initiatives generally do not pose any threat to Church doctrine, but are limited to extending the application of existing principles. This is the approach of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc., which traveled all the way to Rome to plead for the official recognition of St. Gabriel Possenti as the patron saint of handgunners.

The members of the U.S.-based international and interdenominational St. Gabriel Possenti Society uphold the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to defend themselves against evil and tyranny. According to the society's founder and president, John Michael Snyder, this is an extension of the right to life. In his opinion, the Catholic Church, as a genuine and consistent defender of life, should speak out in favor of preserving the right to defend life.

The society believes that a good first step in this direction would be to proclaim St. Gabriel Possenti (1838-1862) patron of handgunners. To publicize the issue, John Snyder, during an awards ceremony in the shadow of the Basilica of St. Peter on February 27, the feast day of the saint, presented .special medallions to a select few recipients who have demonstrated their commitment to...

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