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Gods of Inclusion

Although America remains overwhelmingly Christian in affiliation (if not necessarily in practice), the connoisseurs of multiculturalism like to pretend otherwise—often rather insistently. Public events involving religion must acknowledge Zoroaster and Zeus as much as Moses and Jesus. Multiculturalists find claims about the exclusive truth of any religion, particularly Christianity, especially offensive. They eagerly denounce as a bigot any Christian or Jew who insists on adhering to the first or Second Commandment, even within the confines of his own community.

This attitude, although supposedly sensitive and inclusive, is really insulting to the true believers of any religion. The underlying assumption is that either all religions are equally true or no religion is really true. Multiculturalists have faith in multiculturalism, but little else. And they jealously practice their own inquisitions to guard the dogmas of their secular faith.

One such inquisition was recently waged against a Methodist minister in Marietta, Georgia. For seven years, the Rev. Randy Mickler's 6,300-member Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church has hosted the baccalaureate service for the graduating seniors of Walton High School. The service, which is a voluntary event for the students, has been Christian.

This year, members of the high school's baccalaureate committee wanted to alter that focus. They requested...

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