Cultural Revolutions

"Poster Child" for Teenage Chastity

The Church of England's conspiracy against traditional morality reached new depths during December, when their magazine Celebrate announced their official poster child for teenage chastity: Louisiana pop-tart Britney Spears.

For those who do not own a television or subscribe to People, Rolling Stone, or Christianity Today, Miss Spears sells more records than any other female solo artist (she sold seven-million copies of Oops . . . I Did It Again in just seven weeks). The trouble (it would seem to some) is, she can't sing—very well. Why, then, is she so popular? Perhaps because none of her clothes fit.

Everyone but certain culturally savvy Christians seems to know that the only reason Britney rules the airwaves is that she constantly flaunts her "virginal" sexuality. Mad 'A' did a send up of her hit "Baby, One More Time" by changing all of her subtle lyrics ("Hit me, baby, one more time") to overt sexual ones, only to be followed up by Miss Spears parodying herself on Saturday Night Live, sporting an inflatable chest. People ran a cover article on Britney and other pop-Lolitas under the tide, "Too Sexy Too Soon?"

The very month in which Celebrate ran its piece praising her as a "great ambassador for virginity," the British pop culture rag Sky put her on its cover,...

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