American Empire

Developed nations should assist poorer states by doing no harm. Washington should end government-to-government assistance, which has so often buttressed regimes dedicated to little more than maintaining power and has eased the economic pressure for needed reforms. The United States should stop meddling in foreign affairs which matter little to America; the result is usually to stir up conflict, raise expectations, and leave nations worse than before. At the same time, the United States should improve the access of poorer states to the international marketplace—including its own. Most importantly, it should clearly state that foreign countries, not the West, ultimately control their own destinies.

        —from Doug Bandow,
"Down the Rathole: Where Foreign Aid Goes," June 2000

The Confederates had never sought to cause the Government of the United States to "perish from the earth." It was the Union that was seeking to cause the Confederacy and the governments of the 11 Southern states to "perish." Had the South wanted the government to "perish from the earth," the Confederate army could have marched into Lincoln's capital after the First Battle of Bull Run in June 1861, when the Union army had been sent up the road to Washington in wild retreat. The South did not want this; the South only wanted to be free.


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