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Let the Counterrevolution Begin

Two centuries after de Maistre, we still encounter Frenchmen, Italians, and Russians; as for "man," we have yet come across him anywhere. Nations still survive, in spite of the attempts of dictatorial "Western" ruling elites to destroy them, and families, and all other communities bonded by kinship, language, faith, and myth.

Those elites are united in their burning desire to deny human nature and destroy Christianity. They champion an ideology of universal human values, of a global culture. They will not rest until America has been redefined as a "proposition" and the rest of the world engineered into a global "imperium" based on "democracy," "human rights," and "open markets."

The globalist project attempts to destroy self-government at home and national sovereignty abroad, hi both cases, the rule of law is replaced by some higher good, a "principle" that can never provide a basis for either legality or morality, and which is uprooted from time or place. By treating America as an ideological proposition rather than a real nation, globalists at least cannot be accused of partiality when they treat other nations as minions to be cowed or savages to be exterminated.

This is why the study of foreign affairs matters, now probably more than ever. America cannot be fully de-Americanized as long as there is a single nation that refuses...

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