Cultural Revolutions


Bosnia is the United Nations' first major experiment in nation-building, and the experiences of this multiethnic/multicultural state provide discouraging evidence that the "international community" is no more virtuous or high-minded than the old rogues who governed nation- states. Take the case of Thomas Miller, the United States ambassador in Sarajevo, who is rumored to have conspired a year ago with Milorad Dodik, then prime minister of the Bosnian-Serb Republic, to divert $500,000 of an American aid package to the Gore/Lieberman campaign. This claim, made privately by a former minister in Dodik's government, has been confirmed by another highly placed source in Banja Luka, the capital of the Republika Srpska (RS).

The alleged deal was simple: Last July, Ambassador Miller is said to have arranged a multimillion-dollar USAID grant for the RS budget. Once the money arrived in Banja Luka, half a million was allocated to the prime minister's "discretionary fund"—over which he had exclusive control—and promptly sent back to the United States as his contribution to the Gore/Lieberman campaign. This was not the only payment to a Western political figure from the fund (the existence of which Dodik admitted in a television interview last November), but it was the largest single disbursement. The source insists that Miller was behind the scheme but does not know whether the administration or "Gore's...

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