War and Peace, and Politics

Eugenio Corti is one of the greatest Christian writers of the past half-century. Although he is virtually unknown to the anti-Christian literary establishment in Italy, he is revered not only by conservative Italian Catholics but by straight-thinking Protestants in France, Switzerland (Jean-Marc Berthoud), and the United States (Douglas Kelly). His literary output includes a magnificent play (The Trial and Death of Joseph Stalin), a memoir of his military service on the Russian front during World War II (published by University of Missouri Press as Few Returned), and—among other works of fiction—his magisterial three-volume novel, Il Cavallo RossoThe Red Horse.

This translation has been a long time in the making, and its checkered history will someday make an amusing tale. Russell Kirk (inspired by his Italian translator, Mario MarcoUa) arranged for an initial version to be done over ten years ago. This version was corrected first by an Italian expert in English literature and subsequently revised by me. The miracle of the story (whose complexity I have only hinted at) comes at the end, when the president of Ignatius Press, Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., agreed to publish the entire work in one volume. As someone who has been involved in this project for ten years, I do not make the slightest pretense to impartiality. I have blurbed the book, written a sales letter for it, and would...

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