Cultural Revolutions

A Genuine Centrist

Joseph Lieberman, Al Gores pick for vice president, is supposed to bring the Democratic ticket back to the center. Gore secured his presidential nomination by pandering to leftist interest groups, from radical feminists and "gays" to supporters of abortion and Sharptonite hate purveyors. But to have any chance of winning in November, he needed a "New Democrat" who could appeal to the millions of moderates who are sick and tired of the Clinton era.

Enter Sen. Joseph Lieberman, whose public criticism of President Clinton during the Lewinsky affair is now deemed a political asset. As an orthodox Jew, the theory goes, Lieberman will appeal to devout people of all faiths. (They are interchangeable, after all.) And, as a friend and anti-smut ally of former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett—a "leading conservative" —Lieberman has upset Hollywood by demanding that it "clean up its act." (Of course, Hollywood liberals have nowhere else to go, and they understand that Lieberman's criticisms will have no real consequences.)

A genuine centrist, Lieberman is the model of the "New Democrat" that Clinton and Gore pretend to be. More importantly, in the words of the Jewish World Review, "He would lend gravitas to a ticket headed by a man whose prime characteristic is a willingness to say or do anything to get elected." And the Jewish Ledger claims that the presence...

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